Vera Sidika Otile Brown

Every corner you go, Vera Sidika is a topic of discussion, something that isn’t new in these streets. And this whole that has been the case.

Not so long ago, Vera came out to make it clear that she’s no longer together with Otile after he broke up with her yet again.

So what was the reason for the second break up, you ask? Well she stated that Otile had asked her for 500k to buy a Mercedes Benz, and when she refused to give him the money, he broke up with her.

Well, in an interview heard by Kiss FM, Vera Sidika has come out to strongly refute claims that her relationship with Otile Brown was stage managed.

Some of their fans however were in the view that the two might be pulling a publicity stunt but Vera said;

“Now that I am 29 years and I have thought of having a family but I am concentrating on my business first. However, I don’t stage anything and my love for Otile Brown was real.”

Asked about how she deals with people who troll her online, Vera claimed that she has since developed a thick skin and she does not take it personally compared to when she was starting out.
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
“I love the trolls so much because most of the times those trolling do it because they hate me it’s just because they love to hate,”she said.
She continued, “Maybe they do so because they don’t have a huge following on social media and so they insult me on my posts so as to attract the much needed attention they so much crave. I have developed a thick skin nowadays and I don’t care anymore.