They have made headlines for the longest time and Vera has come out to air all the issues she had with Otile Brown when they were in a relationship.

She took to her YouTube channel to announce they had broken up again, days after they had gotten back together.

Well, in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Vera made it clear that their break up, the first time and this time, were very real, unlike reports that went round stating that it was all a publicity stunt.

“The break up we had before and now they are all real break ups. We actually did break up and the first time he said that he didn’t love me anymore and it was kinda strange and that came after I featured in his video which I didn’t charge him for. I just supported him and it felt like ok I think he’s done and whatever he wanted he got so he doesn’t need me anymore. That’s what it felt like because how can you be with someone and be cool today and tomorrow they say they don’t love you anymore? It’s just strange. You didn’t cheat or disrespect them. 5 days later after the shoot he said he doesn’t love me anymore.”

‘She sent me photos of herself with bruises’ Vera reveals Otile was violent to his ex

She went on to reveal that Otile really begged her to get back together with him, at a time when she had already made up her mind to move on after the split

“What happened is, a month and a half later he came back and he tried to get back with me like two-three weeks he was begging to get back with me and I was at a point where I had already like I was getting to move on. It’s very different when you are in a relationship with someone and you’ve built that bond, it’s easier to fall back in because you’ve created that bond which you’re thinking ok you have to start it all over with someone else, you have to start from scratch.”

So it was more like ok, maybe he discovered that he did something wrong and he has come back to his senses and feels like he’s a better person now, he wants to do better. So you give them a second chance because you believe they’ve changed and they want the best for the relationship. So I did give him a try because I believe in second chances.

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