We all know vera Sidika loves social media and drama. Surprisingly, after her break up with Jimmy Chansa, she stayed quiet. Quiet for so long that her fans thought that she would never talk about or comment on the whole issue.

Vera Sidika, currently in Los Angeles posted quotes concerning her break up with jimmy Chansa. Bitter and a little heartbroken but still acting like a strong woman.

Dumped? Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend Jimmy Chansa deletes socialite’s photos

Otile Brown had it rough, maybe Chansa will go through the same. Vera Sidika has a thing with exposing issues of her exes in past relationships.

Judging from her quotes, it looks like jimmy Chansa did something big and bad. In one of the quotes, she tells that she is one of those women who do not tolerate alot from men, and gets tired of inconsistencies and childish behaviors.

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