Vera introduced us to her mother then eventually introduced us to her father albeit a TBT version of the man:

Vera Sidika introduces her father and mother to Kenyans, shows off birth certificate

Veronica Shikwekwe Sidika (just kidding, her names are Veronica Shitswila Shikwekwe Sidika) decided that as she counts the days down to her birthday, she is going to introduce her to her “baby” and wouldn’t you believe that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

Ladies and gents, allow mt to introduce to you and yours Vera Sidika’s baby:

Just kkidding, you already know these trollops are ontop of their birth control game and vera Sidika admitted as much when she opened up about aborting Otile Brown’s baby.

It gets hot: Vera Sidika throws shade at Otile Brown after breaking up