Vera Sidika somehow landed an invite to Tanasha Donna’s baby shower and boy was she a hot mess. Or perhaps I am the one who just doesn’t understand fashion. Perhaps it could be that I am applying conservative standards to a trollop or that I am simply trying to project common sense to a rumoured langa. Ama mi ni hater tu!

Anyway, Vera Sidika appeared at the Tanasha Diamond baby shower in what can only be described as underwear.

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And don’t get me wrong, I know she is probably going to name drop some expensive brand and at some point, it will emerge she spent someone’s salary to show up looking like she put on her underwear and couldnae be bothered to wear a dress. Whatever the case may be, this was a true publicity stunt. Vera Sidika showed up to outshine the lady whose night it was, Tanasha Donna. The nerve!

Anyway, I am done bitching so now we can check out what she wore:

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