Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

Vera Sidika has confirmed that size does not matter, it’s all about how you work it.

This is news because she made headlines a while back after claiming Otile Brown is not well endowed. This was a jab she threw at him after fans came out claiming she agreed to feature in his song because she d**kmatized.

Vera was so mad she embarrassed him saying she used to teach him how to work it because even the girls before him did not like how he worked it.

In-laws, I have a kind request may you people stop claiming that mjulubeng made me sing. First of all. It’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. If you think am lying ask the girls he’s slept with before. I was the one even teaching him how to ***and still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time

During her QnA segments, one fan asked her if the size of a man matters. This time she had a different answer.

Many women make a lot of noise when it comes to the size but I tend to believe it’s how good you work it.

Vera should consider dating Jegede because he promised her he will not disappoint in bed after he confessed he loves her.

Jegede assures Vera he will not disappoint her in bed like Otile Brown

One thing that people pointed out after Vera called out Otile Browns’ game is that when she was in the relationship she did not realize that it was small but after they break up, her eyes were opened.

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