Vera Sidika decided to have one of those Instaquiz thingamajigs and she invited questions from the gallery.

Trust that some of the questions weren’t really questions as most guys took the opportunity to brown nose.

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Others still decided to instead ask questions about sux.

Others, however, came through with some serious stories because not all heroes wear capes! And most of the questions asked were about her relationship status and whether or not she is pregnant, what gender she would like the child to be; the normal run-of-the-mill things you would ask of a trollop socialite like what America should do to resolve the trade war currently ongoing with China.

What Vera revealed is that she is dating someone and she is happy. She enjoys her time with him and hopes this time this relationship will lead to babies… Lots and lots of babies.

Do you see? If even trollops can find love then perhaps there is hope for your fugly friend?

The questions about when Vera Sidika will be pregnant informs me that a lot of people have their minds firmly stuck on Vera Sidika’s uterus. You would think that is where the secret of how to deal with Kenyan corruption is.