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Vera Sidika has decided to show what love is in her language by buying her new bae, Calisah a brand new Mercedes Benz.

This is the same Mercedes Otile Brown wanted when he borrowed Vera ksh500,000.

In case you have been in a hole, worry not, here is an image of Calisah, Mister Africa Tanzania contestant.

News reaching Kiss FM desk is that he is actually a married man. Could he be cheating or has Vera Sidika decided to settle down as a second wife?

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Exposed!! Vera Sidika’s new Tanzanian babe is a married man (photo evidence)

Well, in between the Otile Vera drama, we have noticed that Calisah and Otile have a lot in common and this could be the reason why Calisah is Vera’s rebound.

Here are a few similarities:

  1. Both are Swahili boys. Many women are actually attracted to the Swahili accent and since Sidika is used to foreign men, she probably needed a change and when she got it she loved it. Calisah is from Tanzania and Otile is from Mombasa.

2. They both have amazing bodies. They seem to be spending time in the gym. Calisah who is a model definitely needs it and for Otile to win his female fans, he needs to take off his shirt in a video and of course we don’t t see a one pack.

3. They are both light skinned. Clearly, she prefers her chocolate white. She even bleached her skin just to be what she terms ‘attractive’.

4. They are both celebrities. Otile Brown is an artiste and Calisah is a model

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