Vicmass Luodollar made headlines after he released his jam Bank Otuch, that he featured Octopizzo. The song has been a hit for years and has received positive reviews.

Early this year, Vicmass was blessed with a bouncing baby boy he named Gilroy. It’s been seven months down the line and he is super grateful for the blessing.

In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Vicmass opened up about fatherhood stating that he is blessed to have a son because he never knew he would have a baby.

Gilroy is 7 months old. He’s very healthy and I thank God for that. It’s like a dream. You were actually the first guys to see my video when I carried him and he was crying and seeing him today, I feel great. I never knew I will have a baby. My girlfriend has been fine,” he confessed.

When asked if he and his girlfriend have considered walking down the aisle, he said;

Why not. God’s plan. I’m looking forward to proposing to her and when it happens, you will get an exclusive from me.”

He went ahead to explain how his song Bank Otuch blocked one of his songs from being a hit because of how big it has been.

Bank Otuch ilifungia ngoma flani inaitwa ‘Simbia Dek’. It was one of the dopest music videos in the country. I released this song and I thought it was going to do well but Bank Otuch still came harder and harder and anytime I go to a show, I only hear pay say that they want Simbia dek, but on the mainstream, Bank Otuch is still everything. So the song really gave me a hard time until today. In 2018, my resolution was I’m not going to do a song bigger than Bank Otuch but I’ll focus on myself and do what I love and to move from the pressure of Bank Otuch.”

Vicmass has a new song dubbed Onjiri and he says that he wants his fans to enjoy his music while he can still write great records.

Onjiri is his 4th single of his 8-TRACK UP COMING EP Produced by Major Static.

Click HERE to listen to the jam.

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