Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

For a long while now, Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani has been at the tail-end of an online backlash from Kenyan’s for not speaking fluent Swahili.

She was born in California and has been brought up touring the World as her parents are missionaries.

A video she posted recently on her social media, Victoria is heard questioning her parents why they never taught her Swahili at a young age.

“I want to know why you never taught me Swahili?… I didn’t know you never knew Swahili.”


Right from the start, her gorgeous mom is heard saying;

“I don’t wanna talk about that… put that back.. i do not like being recorded!”

The conversation, sounds rather serious but full of laughter and banter.

Victoria then questions her dad. He defends himself stating he knew Swahili.

Victoria said:

” from the womb, the first word you could have said is ‘Mambo’!

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Check out the awesome family moment of Victoria Kimani with her parents.

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