Gorgeous Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani is one woman who has been making waves in Africa and the rest of the world thanks to her musical prowess.

She started the trend of doing major collaborations with top continental artistes back when she was signed to Nigerian based label Chocolate City.

So everyone associates her music with Nigerian big wigs.

Recently, Sauti Sol has been collaborating with Nigerian artistes and Victoria pointed out that this is a trend she started waaaaaaay back.

“Victoria Kimani does something first ….. “She isn’t patriotic she this she that …..” Boy band does same exact thing “Oh my gawd they are so innovative” Read the tweet.


Well, feelings were hurt and people started trolling Victoria. But the truth most people don’t want to swallow is, she had the right to draw comparisons.

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Anyhow, she clarified the tweet.

During the breakfast show on Kiss FM with Adelle and Shaffie, she addressed the issue of how Kenyans still think that she is supporting Nigerian artists more that her own country.

“I have been coming to Kenya, people forget that I come from a family that is deeply rooted in music and it is a bit impossible for me not to have been in the game, whether I was doing stuff for Kenya [or not] people make negative comments about me, I become nice and then, many of them come back apologizing looking for attention from me,” victoria told the presenters.

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Adding, “I have been working in collabos with Nigerians for over five years and its a problem here but a different ‘boy band’ can do a whole thing back to back with this same foreign people and ‘Ooh my God’, everybody says this is the most innovative thing. I do not love double standards it has nothing to do with them but people if you love me, love them and if you love them, love me too. Do not disregard me, that is what I am saying, people tend to disregard women by praising the men for the same thing women can do, Meen, we think 20 years ahead, that is why we catch you cheating we know every single girl in your phone.”

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

Victoria concluded, “I am not trying to be boujee, or anything like that but I’m ahead of my time in many ways, I am not hating on them but what I am saying is, don’t disregard a woman. If you love them, love me too.”

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