‘I thought the illuminati sign in my video was a samosa!’ says Msupa S

About four days ago, Msupa S released a single called ‘I Don’t Care’ which already has over 59k views on YouTube. But the video has not been well received by some people.

One critic reacted to the video stating that the video had illuminati signs, but according to Msupa S, she didn’t even know what that is.

Watch the video below;

Today on Breakfast with the Star with Adelle and Shaffie, Msupa S confessed that she didn’t know what the signs meant until after people started talking about it. To her, the signs were just triangles and she didn’t know they have meanings.

You know, when I went to see the video at the studio, it was good, there was nothing like those signs and I told the producer like can you upload now and he said he’s not done. So I went back home and stayed and waited for the video to be uploaded then some few days, the video was not uploaded, and I complained a lot asking why he’s doing this.

He said he was done with the video, and he’s about to upload it. So he told me to go to YouTube and wait for two minutes. So I went there and I waited, then I checked the video and I was like what the hell have you done with the video. What are all these signs? I didn’t know what the signs were for. I thought they were like triangles and the guy told me not to mind about those things, they are just triangles. I didn’t know those illuminati things. It’s the first time I saw the things. I’m just doing music.

When Shaffie asked her if she asked him to pull the video, she said;

“When people started complaining, my first friend called and asked what I had done and I said nothing. He asked if I’ve checked my video and I said yes, then asked what are those and I said they are triangles. He said nope, those are illuminati things, you have to tell the producer to remove them. I said the video has already been uploaded and he’s not in the studio and he left the files over there and he’s gone to Mombasa.”

She continued, “If he could agree, I would love to re-edit the video to make my fans satisfied. It wasn’t my intention for the video to come out like that.

Here’s the full interview;

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