Akothee decided to take her fans and followers on a tour of her multi-million shilling mansion. Do we already know she is fabulously loaded? Aye?

She has been showing off her big girl toys (doesn’t quite have the same ring as big biy toys does it?) and you can have a look at all her cars below:

Call polis! Check out Akothee’s parking lot with toys worth 39 million

And what’s more, she announced she had also procured a private jet seeing as how she spends most of her time in transit and traffic isn’t a plan for her seeing as -say it with me- she is fabulously loaded.

Lanes! Check out Akothee’s private Jet

This time, she decided to show off her mansion and give us all a quick virtual tour and my word this house is the stuff of dreams. I am sure many an architect has wet dreams about such designs. You can have a look at the place she calls home below. But be warned, this digoz is the type to give you serious envy pangs.