Vivian got engaged in April last year on live TV to Hero Radio’s Sam West. It’s no surprise when she released the romantic love song ‘Chum Chum’ soon after their traditional wedding last weekend, that the lass is clearly madly in love!!

“I am a woman in love. The song was actually meant for the Ruracio and that explains why I released it two days after the ceremony. It is a love song.” she told Pulse

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The surprise proposal on ten over ten went viral and as usual Kenyans went online to give their opinions.

Juelz : Worst proposal ever on national television. Too obvious and boring Vivian ain’t even surprised. Guy is slow with his words, damn! #10over10

Nyakarega‏ : Am not hating but that proposal wasn’t romantic, Vivian’s Emotions zilikuwa nje Kabisa#myopinion#10over10

Muthui Mkenya‏ : Vivian did not exactly accept the managers proposal on# 10over10 . She was just courteous

Mum, I will make my marriage official, cries Diamond. Is Zari still with the bongo star?

Despite all the melodrama, in a recent interview with pulse she talked about how they met.They were introduced on phone by a mutual friend, and at first she was not interested but after two months they met and the rest is history. Since then, she only has good things to say about her hubby.

“He is a very determined man. He was very careful and patient with me. We developed a friendship with each other and along the way he is a good talent manager. I also learned that the C.E.O of hero FM. The fact that he is in media makes it easy for us to work together. We do compliment each in many ways. Besides, he is now my manager.” she told pulse

Let’s hope for the best for this lovely couple, because there might just be jinx on marriages with extravagant proposals.

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