Sailors have finally responded on how they feel about KFCB’s CEO banning their song Wamlambez. Tanzanians have already responded to the ban on Rayvanny and Diamond’s Tetema song as you can see below:

Tanzania responds to ‘Tetema’ ban in Kenya (STATEMENT INSIDE)

Sailors, however, like WCB and the Tanzanians, are unmoved by the ban. Speaking to Opera news, they gave them such a chilled out statement that were I in KFCB I would have felt insulted. Does no one take the body seriously anymore? And I wonder who is to blame for that…

Lucy Njambi's funeral

Moses Kuria hapendi ujinga! See his response to Ezekiel Mutua banning politicians from dancing to Wamlambez

When asked what had changed with regards to the ban, they said was simply:

Nothing really. You can catch our shows on the weekend, it shall be business as usual.”