I’ve probably said this a thousand times before, but when I grow up I want a beautiful relationship like Nameless and Wahu Kagwe’s. They are just too cute.

Today marks 14 years since they said I do. The two are in the public light but they have managed to stay married and no controversies at all.

Wahu, Nameless
Wahu, Nameless

Wahu is a sweet soul you can tell from the lyrics in her songs. She posted a very special message to the husband on this special day saying,

oooooooowwww!!! Its our 14th wedding anniversary!!! Where did the time go! 😄😄
What can I say babe… We’ve laughed, cried, faught, made up, made money, lost money, agreed, disagreed and throughout this rollercoaster called life, I’ve always known I can count on you… my best friend, lover, cheerleader..my ride or die. 
Thank you for loving me with all my imperfections.
Happy 14th anniversary @namelesskenya. Here’s to 100 more!!! 🥂🥂

It is clear they have been through a lot but what holds the togther is love strong love for that matter. These days Nameless is a bit more vocal on social media especially when it comes to his wife. He posted a picture a while back and said he was very much attracted to her waist and he still is.

‘… about to shake your money maker’ Wahu recalls her secular days with Size 8

Aww, at least there is a couple making marriage seem very much okay despite all the relationship drama going on.

Happy 14th anniversary The Mathenge’s. Read the comments below:

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