Mr & Mrs Waihiga
Mr & Mrs Waihiga

The beautiful Joyce Omondi and her husband Waihiga Mwaura are a pair of celebrities whose relationship is kept well away from the public eye. Don’t get me wrong, we know that they are married but apart from that little else makes its way to tabloids and blogs.

The two met in the course of their professional lives while they were still at Citizen TV with Waihiga Mwaura anchoring the station’s sports segment and Joyce Omondi being a host on the gospel show Rauka. The couple met on some random Sunday morning when Joyce, done with her show, was leaving the set. Waihiga was checking into work for his bit.

For a change, inspite of their tight lip policy, they granted an interview to Salon Magazine in which they gave alittle insight into their relationship and marriage and while at it, this is what they said:

We keep to ourselves and rarely post about each other apart from special occasions. Anything precious is best kept hidden and that has been our policy.

We decided to be very private about our relationship from the beginning. Many people (including our colleagues) did not know that we were dating until we got married. That is why this is the first and only interview we shall do in a very long time.