Before the Wakanda craze, there was Ankara. I mean you even needed it to make the Wakanda statement a global thing. In fact no Ankara, no Wakanda.

It is also known as African print and the name alone tells its origin. The print is one of the most imitated textile of all time. And who can blame the imitators, when it’s beautiful and easy to style.

Gone are the days where there was only one way to slay it. But that’s not the case now. Not only can you have your own ”haute coutoure” but you can have it made exactly like any designer dress of your choice.

But don’t forget to get yourself a top notch designer or dressmaker otherwise you’re in for the shock of your life. Did you know that every print has a name and history behind it?

Are you going for that special occasion and like most women, finding it hard to pick the perfect dress? Don’t worry. African print has got you covered.

Here are the most stylish and expensive Ankaras you can slay in:

  1. Have you seen a traditional bride and her squad slay an African print? You will not have a choice but to drool. ”OMG” the richness of the material, the history and the bright colours all wrapped in one style.

Are you going for that date and you want to slay your life? Again, what best way to that than to show up in your African print.

And no need to worry about the price tag; you can either get yourself a cheap one or rip an old one apart to get your own couture from it. But then again, why dont you get yourself quality and expensive so as to last.

Are you a celebrity and trying to showcase your rich culture to the world? Why don’t you follow our faves. Hardly will you catch our mama Africa’s Yemi Alade, Becca without them showing off their Ankara no matter where they are.

And since we love them, we try to slay like them by showing our love for both them and our heritage like they do by getting our print on. Yes , they may have the luxury to purchase the most expensive ones.

Yet still what’s beauty without hustle. Okay that’s a new one but like the saying goes cut your coat according to your size. In this case find you a cheap one.

Our mothers are also not left out. You can be a mama and still slay in your Ankara like nobody’s business.

What better way to show your ”MILF” ( mothers who are still sexy) status. And I’m not talking about old fashion ”kaba and slit”, but rather the numerous styles out there.

Lets take a page out of Nigerian movie superstar Shaffy Bello who is a mother and yet still will give any slay mama a run for their money.

With its easily manipulative tendencies, not only can it stand on its own as a textile to make it into a dress. You could also combine it with other fabrics to enhance both its beauty and styling.

Our men are also not left out. African print is such that, no particular colour or texture is for a specific gender.

Just like the way more men are wearing pink without being called gay, thats the same way both genders can wear any african print without being mocked.

Besides, they end up looking better in them than many females who claim particular patterns are reserved for women only.

There’s nothing as beautiful as walking around Africa and seeing people slaying their Ankara. In Ghana for example, there’s an unspoken rule to wear African prints on Friday to work or anywhere.

And many more African countries are adopting this unspoken beautiful rule. Our coming together to wear them during the Wakanda fever can be said to be our first step.

And on Sundays you’re more likely to see many people wearing it than any other fabric.

Again, theres nothing cuter than a couple slaying the same print or a family deciding to wear the same cloth to a ceremony. Also most Africans choose a particular cloth usually with meanings to mourn a loved one.

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