On Monday morning, comedian Njugush gave his fans a reason to smile and more so a remedy for the blues.

This is after the father of one posted a throwback photo of himself and his family. According to Njugush, the photo was taken 18 years ago!

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at how skinny Njugush still looked back in the day as he stood next to his well built dad.

To make things worse, for some weird reason Njugush hands are missing in action and a number of his fans kept asking whether his hands grew with time.

Another thing that surprised them is the fact that Njugush’s dad was a man of the cloth, thanks to his attire.

Check out some of his fans reactions.

Tom daktari: Wah, pole kama nimewahi kutusi

Evan:Kwani Hukuwa na mikono

Glory : Mikono ulikuwa ume kata ama?

Deejay Souza: Bado ulikuwa heasboy 😂 😂

Atulla: Kumbe njugush comedy ilianza kitambo waa ni ni funny juuuuko kando ya mzae na bado umekonda 😂 😂 Na yeye ana kitambi 😂 😂