It would seem Ali Kiba and his wife Amina Khalef Kiba have made amends after having an acrimonious fight afew weeks back. You will remember that Amina Kiba and her husband Ali were said to be at loggerheads first because his mother had invited his many baby mamas to his house for a birthday celebration.

Monster In Law. Ali Kiba’s wife rumored to be at war his mother

Yet another source of friction were allegations that Ali Kiba lived in his house with his entire family and the artistes signed to his record label, King Music.

Ali Kiba reveals wife not staying at his mansion anymore

But all that seems to be a bad distant memory as the two have made amends and Amina Khalef Kiba has een taken the initiative to celebrate her love for her man. This followed rumours that they had gone their separate ways after Ali Kiba kampa talaka tatu which is the Islamic way of divorcing.

Ali Kiba ampea mkewe talaka tatu: Reports just in that Ali Kiba divorces wife

And we are happy to see that Ali Kiba and his wife did indeed resolve things and that has seen Amina Khalef post this sweet message:


Nakupenda Mume wanguuu @officialalikiba 😍😍