Amina Khalef, Ali Kiba’s wife was accused of using juju on Ali Kiba’s eldest son who has been taken by dizzy spells and he has been faint of late.

Shocking revelation of what Ali Kiba’s family accused Joho’s niece of doing

So according to the allegations, she was unhappy at the fact that Ali Kiba or King Kiba as he is known to his more fanatical followers, has many children by multiple different baby mamas and shit really hit the fans when Ali Kiba’s mother invited all of them to their mansion for a birthday celebration.

Boma ya Ali Kiba kunachomeka! Mother starts up drama as she invites all his baby mamas and wife to birthday party

While Ali Kiba’s approach has been to defend his mother:

Ali Kiba defends his mother against claims she hates his wife

Amina Khalef has been more focussed on a more subtle approach. She simply posted a photo of her son with Ali Kiba’s eldest son:


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