The one fear we had when we were children was coming home after sunset. Akothee is one of the mothers you should fear past that time.

Rue Baby was in trouble yesterday after she walked into the house past midnight not knowing her mother was in their house.

She lives with her sister Vesha in an apartment away from their mother but closer to school but Akothee constantly visits to check up on her daughters. And yesterday was one of those days.

As Rue was getting ready for school, the wrath of Akothee came out asking her why she came home late.

yesterday you came home at what time? You didn’t know I was here. I waited for you until midnight. 11 o’clock my friend you were not here. 

Like any child caught red-handed, she justified herself saying she had gone to do her hair. Akothee was not buying the lie.

at midnight in the middle of this Nairobi city? You had gone to do your hair?

Rue Baby still trying to convince her mother,

There was a long line mum.Don’t you see my hair?

Akothee was not buying this lie at all! She decided to end the argument by being sarcastic, telling Rue to keep making her hair up until the day she will be pregnant.


so at midnight people are still doing hair? And when you creeping  in I had you asking Vesha, ‘Is mum here?’ Why were you asking? Do I have to ask for permission to come and see you? 

so you were doing your hair? Continue doing your hair until your stomach will be big and someone will be kicking inside then you will definitely know. Do your hair till 5 in the morning and even the next day until you get a baby then I will know.  Your boyfriend was doing your hair and I am just here wasting my time paying your school fees 

‘You’ll be fine mama’ Rue Baby assures Akothee after her prayer request

Mama Rue was clearly concerned her child is going astray but she told her she is of age to get married so it is up to her to make the right decisions for her life.

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