Willy Paul has always found a way to be the talk of town. He is one of the most controversial gospel artistes in the 254. He has mastered the skill of staying relevant, be it through positive things or just by doing things to annoy his fans.


On a number of occasions, he’s put up photos on social media and asked his fans to tell him how he looks. Every single time he does that, he gets the worst word whooping of his life, but he still goes ahead to repeat the same mistake. Does he ever learn or does he do it intentionally?

‘Girlfriend Yangu Alitoa Mimba Because Mfuko Haikua Inatosha,’ Willy Paul Croons

Well, he’s back again with his shenanigans asking his fans, “Watu wangu niambieni.. hii look ikoaje??” His fans did not spare him as they went ahead to rip him apart for wearing tight denim pants.

Willy P

Read some of the comments below:

linetobura: Hell Noooooooooo, and you posted the picture twice for real. Was Alaine in the house when you left dressed like that?

noreen_billionare: Try to change the your wordrope with a little bigger trousers

blakaende: Bro hiyo trouser ukikazwa na poop utaitoa aje? Ama umevaa diapers ndani…. ni kujimalizia tu🤓🤓

vanny_be_the_stoner: Heeee bro umevaa trao achuti…hakuna swag..ushamba nayo

mwesh.jeniffer: Shoga tu. Longi imekubana sana.

zeshdeflower: Aii Willy lazima uongee story ya kuvaa kwa post zote…… We getting tired now

mazmidadeluise: Looks gay mate


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