Diamond is a high-value male whether or not you like the fact that he is. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in East Africa and the fact that he just had a child by Tanasha Donna notwithstanding, there are women who see the lack of a ring on his finger and they see him as a single man.

Wema Sepetu reveals she will never like any woman whose had relationship Diamond

We aren’t here to debate whether they would be right in their perception of him as a single man. And a Tanzanian celebrity called Gigy Money, a singer, went on an interview at Wasafi FM and here she expressed her interest in Diamond. Whether or not she intends to pursue this interest is up to her but it definitely will give problems and sleepless nights to Tanasha Donna.

Reason why Diamond still hasn’t married Tanasha Revealed

Gigi Money revealed that every girl in Tanzania would die for Diamond to simply give them a go and they will grab it and never look back. Whether this would be simply for a quick tumble or for a long term relationship, the fact remains that they want Diamond.

And why wouldn’t they? Diamond is wealthy having invested in WCB and all its holding -whether or not he is the main partner. He has a radio station, TV station and the most lucrative record label in Eastern and Central Africa.