Every single one of us has a number of photos from when we were young or in our teenage years and we look at them and ask a million and one questions.

I for one remember trying to do my own makeup when I was in College and when I looked at the photos a  few days ago, I almost fainted. I looked like a Yoruba Devil (not that I have ever seen one but you get what I mean).

Well our very own Kiss FM presenters also have throwback photos and man, watu wametoka mbali na wakaoga vizuri. Most of them haven’t changed much but others look totally different.

Well, in case you’ve had a bad day, I hope this photos will make it all better.

Check out these throwback photos of Kiss FM presenters;

Adelle Onyango

Shaffie Weru

Jeff Mote

Lynda Nyangweso


Cate Sidede

Chito Ndhlovu

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