It would seem the managerial drama at WCB is not anywhere near done. This is clearly indicated by the fact that Mbosso’s talent manager has decided to terminate her agreement with WCB.

Almah Bronxi of Bronxi Entertainment decided her interests would be better served by her focusing on her other engagements rather than focusing on WCB.

WCB management shaken by resignation of second artiste manager

What makes the situation look even worse is the fact that Almah Bronxi who was personally headhunted by Diamond Platnumz came onboard to work with WCB just in July 2019.
And in a case of same script different cast, Almah Bronxi was rumoured to be unhappy with the terms of her contract which would see her become underpaid and overworked.

This is the precise same reason why her predecessor, Mbosso’s former manager, Sandra, had left.

Pesa ni sabuni! Mbosso looked terrible when he was broke and ashy

Perhaps the problem came about because Almah Bronxi who is an already established talent manager and A&R executive was meant to merge her business with WCB’s in a sense -or better yet for the WCB management team, she was going to let her business, the business she built into what it is now, die a quick death and she would focus on their artiste Mbosso.

Almah Bronxi manages a couple of other bongo artistes as well as Nigerian superstar Patoranking’s East Africa affairs.

Trouble started when Bronxi handled a successful Seyi Shay (Nigerian songbird) Tanzanian media tour few weeks ago. Wasafi bosses were not happy at all and asked her to make a decision of committing fully to Wasafi or face the exit door. She went for the door.

Basically she was expected to kill the business that made Diamond Platnumz take notice of her…

Bronxi Entertainment has been doing really well. It has been able to help her acquire apartments, cars and started another venture Bronx Burgers. Managing Mbosso alone fully, as asked by the top WCB management, can’t get her the income she drives right now.

WCB top brass, Sallam SK Mendez, came out to refute the allegations saying:

Bronxi was never been contracted by WCB at any given point as Mbosso manager. If that was the case, we would have made it public. All we did was reach out to her to lend us her services as a tour manager when Mbosso had shows outside the country at that particular time, but she couldn’t do it. I know she took to her social media to announce that she was Mbosso’s new manager but there was nothing like that.