While it is indubitably the biggest record label in East and Central Africa and indeed a powerhouse on the African musical landscape, WCB is not without its fair share of politics and infighting.

Following the exit of Joel Vincent Joseph less than a year ago (10 months to be exact), Mbosso’s manager Sandra Brown has called it a day at WCB. In Joel alias Mr Puaz’ case, he had a dispute with his client Harmonize in which he accused Konde Boy of being arrogant, disrespectful and offering poor pay.

Sandra Brown who managed Mbosso for over a year left and sources close to both her and WCB have intimated the following:

She wouldn’t want to talk about it but… from what I understand she was being underpaid and having to work for long hours, she couldn’t take it anymore and walked away.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Mbosso refuted the claims his manager had left saying that there had been an internal reorganization and restructuring that has seen her transferred to a different arm of the company.

His new manager will be Almah Bronx who also boasts Patonranking as a client whom she manages in an East African capacity.