Last week there was beef between Diamond and Ali Kiba.

If there is one thing Tanzanians are waiting for it’s the Wasafi Festival. Diamond had a press conference to announce the official dates of the festival and what fans should expect, he mentioned Ali Kiba will be part of it.

This lie did not settle well with the ‘Chekecha‘ singer and you can read all about it below:

Ali Kiba blasts Diamond Platnumz for lying that he would perform at Wasafi Festival

Other than the subliminal throws on social media, there has not been an official release from WCB on this whole issue.

Babu Tale, Diamond’s manager has responded to Ali Kiba’s rant after he declined WCB’s offer to perform at their festival.

“Before going to the US, Babu Tale reached out to Ali Kiba to ask him to be at the festival. Music is about competition, but when it comes to big things like this, people come together. These things are not personal, no wonder Nigerians are going far. We should not accept to be split apart by people who just want to hate. By doing that, we are killing the industry.” Babu Tale said

Diamond also said Harmonize, who recently left the label, is also scheduled to perform. “Festival ni yetu sote, Harmonize, huku ndio nyumbani kwake. He has his own schedule but we believe he will reschedule it, so that he will come for the festival.”

Diamond’s sister Esma warns Tanasha against trying to separate the family bond


Babu Tale says he has now left Ali Kiba alone, just as the singer had requested.

“Amesema unikome, na mimi nimemkoma, hata kumzungumzia, tumemkoma,” he told Wasafi Media 

Previously, the ‘Aje‘ singer had taken to social media to throw shade at Diamond after he received a call from Tale.

Clearly the festival will not have Ali Kiba grace their grounds but so many international artistes are set to bring the house down.

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