Kate Actress is one of the fastest-growing female comedians and actresses in Kenya.

With her short social media videos and her skills on your favorite local programs, she has managed to gain fan love. And of course serious brands have used her as their ambassador because of her fame.

Now at 1.2 million Instagram followers and 58400 subscribers on YouTube, she is bound to be hounded with many DM’s and a lot of ‘can I take a picture with you’ moments.

She decided to be like one of the many celebrities taking advantage of the quarantine period and participate in the ‘Ask me a question’ Instagram session. And as per her usual, she got a lot of questions.

One follower asked,

“We husnob manafans wakiomba kutake selfie?”

Kate Actress was quick to dismiss these claims saying that she is only human so it depends on how you approach her.

 “Why should I? If you come correct am the nicest person, bila mafans ningekuwa wapi? Sgida huwa apprioach.(Without my fans where would I be?) Some people are extremely rude and rough! We are all humans.we have good and bad days” Kate replied

‘Social media trash innocent kids’ Kate Actress on posting her daughter

In the same segment, she also mentioned that with her fam, she gets alot of criticism but is all about positive vibes.

Kate does not read nor take personally the negativity thrown her way, because she has an obligation to her fans to be a source of inspiration. So that and making major business moves is all she will focus on.

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