Kamene and Kibe elicited reaction from listeners Tuesday morning, after news that Babu Owino was released on a Sh10million cash bail in a case where he is accused of attempted murder.

The court directed that Babu deposit the cash bail in four installments of Sh2.5 million each in the next three months to settle DJ Evolve’s medical bill.

This ruling has made Kenyans angry. According to them, it is an unfair judgment because poor Kenyans aren’t given such an ‘easy’ time.

Kibe said that politicians exaggerate promises to the electorate, but he never did that when he vied as an aspirant for the Langata Mp seat. He insisted all he wanted was to clean up the constituency.

“I just wanted to clean up Langata. that was my aim developing it was up to the people” Kibe said

He angrily responded to Babu saying,

I am no fool. Just because you got the opportunity to be there doesn’t mean that you’re better than me. I kid you not this better come to an end. We have been carried as fools for way too long.

Kamene echoed his thoughts saying that we will see his victory on social media soon.

“We hopped that can this time be the one time we will see the justice system work. We gave the system one chance to see if as Kenyans they will work for us at least for once. Will it always be about social media hashtags? “She added

Angry Kenyans called in on The Morning Kiss saying we as the common mwananchi have no right.

“Us guys have no right. People like Babu were supposed to be in prison eating beans like any other prisoner. Then we will elect him again. We are being played a fool” Caller nmber one said

One caller mentioned that we are not yet tired that is why we have not made changes.

” There is a problem. Kenyans are not tired. When we get to a point we are too tired, we will make changes. That is when we will see a revolution  Our politicians do not care about us. ” Caler number two said

Another frustrated caller said that we need to wake up and stop crying to create a liberation on social media. That is when we will stop being played a fool.

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Why are people surprised? This is Kenya I have learned two lessons from Yesterday. JUducirayis a massage parlor for the rich and justice is an action for the rich. No money no justice.  Look at people like JOwie still rotting in jail. This is a primitive kind of life. We have decided to live like this because we have never matched together for change. Liberation will not come through asocial media ranting. One day Kenyans will come and rejuvenate themselves

From the conversation, it is clear Kenyans as young as 20 are tired and frustrated with how things are turning out in the 254. A system they claim doesn’t benefit common mwananchi.

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