There’s no doubt that AKA and Bonang are one of Mzansi’s much-loved celeb couples.

In the past year they’ve also become a lot more open about sharing details surrounding their romance.

During a recent interview with Slikour, AKA said that he believed him and B were SA’s Kimye, and added that they’ve given the title of power couple a whole new meaning.

Slikour asked the rapper if her considered himself and Bonang like TV power couple, Connie and Shona Ferguson.


And AKA just wasn’t convinced by the comparison.

“Connie and Shona Ferguson? No, I’m just saying at this point in our careers, we are both insanely on fire,” said AKA.

“We’ve got that going, then I’ve got my daughter with another celebrity, then I got the music, its f***** amazing then I got the controversy, then I got the house, car and the beef,” said the rapper.

AKA implied that he and B were the pinnacle of pop culture.