Akothee may seem strong but deep down, she is hurting. She does not enjoy being single.

She has always put it out there that she is the president of single mothers but she says she wishes she had someone to take care of her. A man to love her because at the end of the day she is a woman a sensitive one for that matter.

“Every woman needs a man who can take care of the small girl in her😍, it doesn’t matter how rich, powerful a woman is. A woman is still a woman and should be taken care of with love and care, ❤women are very sensitive creatures. They harbor a lot in their stomachs. They give it all in a relationship, they invest whatever it takes to keep their man well. There is very limited space left for toxic relationships, take care of your woman if you have one. There are plenty of women/girls, but not every woman is meant for you. That girl, that one girl, is your girl, love her cherish her, remind her, how much you care and love her, remind her that she is beautiful and that you adore her.” Akothee says.

She adds that it is not only beneficial to the woman but to the man too. A happy woman makes a happy marriage.

You will receive healing in your relationship, most women are rebellious because they feel some kind of rejection. This makes them build a block of some characters just to protect the small girl in them. Be careful a woman can build and can destroy. Don’t take advantage of a quiet woman, still, waters run deeeeeep 🙏🙏

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Akothee finishes by saying that as single mothers/women they are just consoling themselves with titles like #teamsingle but it is not funny, it hurts.

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