As we continue trolling the man of God, Pastor Ngang’a , he is busy becoming famous in these social media streets abroad.

The videos of Ng’ang’a in church, which usually depicts him in a bad light, have been circulating on social media in recent weeks, but the preacher told Kiss100 that they are fake and malicious.

Pastor Ngang'a
Pastor Ngang’a

According to the pastor, the videos are shared by demon-possessed people trying to bring down his church.

I do a lot of good things. I feed people, lakini hao wakata tu ile nimeongea vibaya kwa sababu ni watu wana mapepo. They want to put the ministry down

‘Those demons cannot put me down’ Pastor Ng’ang’a revels how he makes money

The people he claims are up to no good have made him famous in the American spheres. Snoop Dog got ahold of the video and he posted in on his feed with a funny caption saying,

When u late on the offering money. The. Rev need his 💰🔥💥👊🏿🤣🤣

Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog

This caught the attention of many with over a million views and more than seven thousand comments. One of the comments from King Kaka expressing how proud he is to be Kenyan.

 This is Kenya and we are now Global. This is our tourist attraction come visit us. Hahahahahaha

King Kaka
King Kaka

Famous actor and TV host, Dc Young Fly was also fascinated by the video of pastor Ngang’a mercilessly slapping one of his congregants. He posted it sand captioned the video,

Who coming to the alter??? Shiiid this my last day at this church 😂😂😂

His post also caught the attention of more than 9,000,000 of his followers having viewed the video.

‘Those are rival churches’ Pastor Ng’ang’a exposes those trying to bring him down

Dc Young Fly
Dc Young Fly

It is safe to say, Pastor Ngang’a has gone viral in the states before Kenyan artistes. Here is the video they are sharing,

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