Kendall Jenner/ Instagram

They were recently slapped with a copyright lawsuit by a Tupac photographer.

However, it appears Kendall and Kylie Jenner may have brought closure to the situation.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported the suit has been dismissed and the reality stars have apparently reached a settlement.

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The lawsuit came after the two sisters released a line of ‘vintage T-shirts’ in their Kendall + Kylie collection with their faces superimposed over notable pictures of the late rapper.

Photographer Michael Miller filed the lawsuit against the Jenners saying the sisters ‘misappropriated and wrongfully exploited’ his work.

But Miller has reportedly agreed to drop the suit after an agreement that both sides cover the cost of their legal fees.

However, it is unclear if the photographer was paid in the alleged settlement.

While the shirts continue to cause a lot of controversy, the sales of the $125 shirts didn’t last long at all.

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The sisters quickly pulled the merchandise off of their websites after severe backlash, including Tupac’s family calling the girls disrespectful.

However, Kendall and Kylie insisted that ‘no infringement or violation of anyone’s rights’ had taken place.

They explained that they purchased the images from a company that had been authorized to license them.

‘Canada Inc, the licensee manufacturer of the K + K brand, purchased a very small quantity of vintage T-shirts with performer images already on them,’ it was added

‘Only two Tupac T-shirts were sold before being pulled from distribution. Canada Inc did not copy anyone’s image, remove any copyright notice from any image or attempt to exploit Mr. Miller’s claimed right of publicity.’

But the legal battle doesn’t stop there. With the release, Kendall and Kylie also angered the estate of ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’ after shirts were printed with his image.

His mom, Voletta Walace, said using her son’s likeness to sell a shirt was ‘disrespectful and exploitation at its worst.’

According to TMZ, the rapper’s estate sent a cease and desist letter last June and the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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