Music guru Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha, has released a brand new jam dubbed Sakata featuring Ugandan songstress Spice Diana.

They shot the music video in Uganda, but the story behind it is quite interesting. In an Interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast With The Stars, he revealed that things were not all smooth as they had to find a way out after lights went out when they wanted to record the song.

Frasha and Spice Diana

Interesting story. We went for a gig in Uganda. These guys are so serious with their concerts. So It’s a whole week affair, so we went there for a whole week and I was with Naiboi and Proff and other international artistes. In the evening we went to the studio to record, there were no lights, so guys started partying. So after sometime, we had to go and get some drinks then come back to the party. So when we went out, these guys played this song in the car and we started jamming with Spice Diana and the manager was also in the car and as we drive, this guy says he’s taking us to another studio for us to record. So we recorded till morning at around 8am. So we recorded this song and it was so dope, and the guys there work differently from guys in Kenya. So we do the song till 8 then same day at night, we shot the video. Luckily, I had a video producer from Kenya, he was there doing other videos so I met him and told him we did a song and want to shoot the video. The guy comes up with a concept and at night we shot the video.”

Well, we all know Frasha was vying for the MCA Athi River seat, but he didn’t go all the way. He had to step down after he was offered a job by Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua.

Frasha On Kiss

He said, “I was running for MCA Athi River, but in my party, I was given an option to do something else, so I stepped down and I was put in Machakos County by Governor Alfred Mutua and things are working out. I got in as the Youth Director but right now I’ve been redeployed to Machawood where by its all about the arts, movies, music. We’ve already started doing things in Machakos and by next year, we will be the heart of entertainment in Kenya.”

It must be hectic juggling all the things he’s doing from music, to family to now his new job. How does he handle everything?


My daughter is finishing her K.C.P.E today. I keep telling guys that if God gives you something to do, he gives you a way to do it. If he opens a door, there’s a way that door was meant to be opened, so I guess all my life I’ve been doing the same things, like getting into something and moving on to the next. Trying to balance all the things I do, I believe God has given me these talents for me to be able to do these things so there is time and time is the hardest thing for me to balance,” He explained.

Listen to the full interview below: