Huddah could just be following in the steps of her socialite rival, Vera Sidika.

She took to social media to show us the man she wishes to have babies with because, from his looks, his genes are amazing. And who doesn’t want gorgeous looking babies?

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Incase you didn’t guess it, well, this man is a mzungu. Many black girls dream about getting ‘a point 5 baby’ or what we call ‘pointi’. Huddah also wants the same thing.

Huddah, currently in the US, is enjoying life in the fast lane. She was spotted at the Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills one of the poshest and expensive hotels in the US.

Posing with a couple of her new friends there, she introduced to her  1.7 million followers the man she is craving to give her babies and captioned:

here we can make such beautiful babies … 🤣… cheers to LIFE! To new friends. To creating memories’ .
#kinghuddah #stargal

From the picture, social media snoops also noticed that the mzungu’s screen saver is a picture of the two. Though if you pay close attention, it a picture that they had just taken.

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People are really invested in the socialite’s life. So many women out there already offering their services as aunties and nannies to a baby who has not even been conceived. Well from what we think.

Meet Huddah’s future baby daddy:

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