Drama pon drama!

Upcoming singer Weezdom has hang Bahati’s dirty linen in public.

Talking to Kiss Fm’s Chito Ndlovu, the singer who was once signed to Bahati’s EMB records has not left any stone unturned.

Weezdom defends why he got into a fight with Mr. Seed who is now signed by Bahati.

“Watumishi wa Bwana pia ni binadamu…Tulibishana mbele ya wasee and it was bad.”

Weezdom says the reason behind the whole ‘fighting’ saga was because Bahati had pulled down Weezdom’s songs on Youtube.

“Ilikaa story kubwa juu tulibishana mbele ya wasee. We were in a media house and there was a misunderstanding because it was barely a week after my videos had been pulled down on Youtube.”

He added:

“Basically kila mtu anaelewa Mr. Seed ni artist wa Bahati saa hizi, of course ako side ya Bahati if anything tukipatana place yoyote kuna mabishano ama mashindano. And nilikua bitter because I didn’t know that ingefika to that extent. This is a situation where someone who mentored me could do something that has never happened to any other artist in Kenya. I was the first artist kufanyiwa hivyo.”

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He cleared the air by saying it was an exchange of words and not a physical fight:


Here is the audio: