When we tell you Diamond is one of the wealthiest artistes in East and Central Africa, you lot laugh. Well, we have just been shown a glimpse of what Diamond Platnumz has parked in his garage and we are impressed. Not because he has alot of cars but because he has colour coded those that are his and those that are Tanasha Donna’s.

Reason why Diamond still hasn’t married Tanasha Revealed

When you log onto Instagram and see memes about couple goals, Tanasha’s hypergamy has landed just that!

Diamond is clearly a stellar provider and afterall, why wouldn’t he be with all the money he has been making from his music royalties and concert performances and that is before we delve into the murky waters of Wasafi Records.

A recent vieo came out that showed just how well Tanasha is living in the lap of luxury and we can also see why every Tanzanian lass is trying to get with him.

“Wasichana wote wa Tanzania wanamtaka Diamond” Tanasha put on notice!

And at this point the only advice anyone can give Tanasha Donna that will make any sense is for her to ensure she gets to the finish line with Diamond Platnumz.