DJ Mo is getting some heat from his fans after he revealed in an interview alongside Size 8 that he does not walk into the kitchen.

More to this, manz has two children but he has never changed either’s diapers.

I don’t go to the kitchen and I don’t change diapers. I only get to the kitchen when I probably want to get water,” Revealed DJ Mo

In this day and age, women have been screaming that in marriages there needs to be a 50/50 effort when it comes to raising children and the work behind it.

Especially if both parents are working as in the case of DJ Mo and Size 8.


DJ Mo and Size 8/ Instagram

Size 8 gifts DJ Mo a Sh150,000 birthday surprise after slapping him

Size 8 is not among those women who are fighting the narrative of the kitchen is not only a woman’s place in this generation. For her, she is very much okay with her husband’s absence in the kitchen. Even if he does not change diapers, she says he is a responsible father.

“True. Mo has never changed our babies’ diapers, ever! But he is a very responsible dad. He is very responsible in terms of providing time and provisions. He is always getting home by 8 pm to make sure he drops Wambo to school by 7 am. We don’t have a live-in house girl and so we share those roles well. Wambo and Mo are really close. They really love each other and she can really throw tantrums when he is not around,” said Size 8

From her words, it seems like this is a sneak peek into the lessons the couples who will be attending the Muraya’s dinner will be advised on. As long as the man is responsible and spends adequate time with his children, the rest will work itself out.

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