You have to love science. It makes new years resolutions like this probable.
Wema Sepetu is a woman who has had problems and issues with getting pregnant. And while it is unfortunate, she has seen this affect her relationships sometimes with men raising it as an excuse to leave.

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What is, however, interesting is that back in 2018, while speaking about her pregnancy struggles, she said that she would stop trying to get pregnant if she got to 30 years of age and she still was unsuccessful.

But she has changed her mind after finding out about scientific breakthroughs that have solved the issue. So when she spoke to Global Publishers she said:

“Mwanzo nilisema nikifika umri wa miaka 30 kama sijapata mtoto, itanilazimu kufunga kizazi. Lakini madaktari wameniambia ninaweza kupata ujauzito kuanzia Januari mwaka ujao,”

According to Wema’s doctors the lass had been suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)- a hormonal disorder which enlarges ovaries containing multiple small cysts that end up preventing the ovaries from fertilizing.

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She underwent surgery last year and now is able to have her own kids.

Napenda mtoto wangu wa kwanza awe wa kiume. Wa kwanza akiwa wa kiume ataweza kuwaongoza wenzake watakaofuata. Lakini kama Mungu hakupenda hilo hata wa kike si mbaya.