If you have ever heard the phrase, “Men are trash” directed at you and your actions, then you are about to meet the chairman of the board of directors of the company you have been working hard at building.

His name is Calisah and he is a good looking young man (no homo) hailing from Tanzania whose first dalliance with the limelight came courtesy of his relationship with Wema Sepetu.

No really, unless you are a hater, you can see that this guy is a hunky flexy light skin nightmare for anyone whose girlfriend he takes a fancy to. But away from his relationship devastating aura and back to why this article was written: his ovary devastating business venture.

There are a lot of women who either have no partner and want a child or who just want children from such a physical specimen or whom together with their partner have realized they cannot have children due to their partner’s infertility.

Whatever the case may be, Calisah is here to offer you a service – the same he gave Wema Sepetu, Vera Sidika and 25 other women: he will impregnate you old school style.

In a recent video that has since gone viral, Calisah was interviewed and asked about the rumour that he has fathered 25 children by 25 different women. He answered in a rather cocksure manner that it isn’t a rumour, it is a fact.

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Calisah decided to make the most of the little fame he garnered from his brief but passionate relationship with Wema Sepetu and what better asset to sell than that which no one can take away from you?

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Calisah in bed with Wemaa Sepet

So ladies, if you want a child and you have no problem paying to get the child the old school way regardless of whether or not you have a man in your life, look up Calisah!