vanessa and juma jux

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux made headlines a few months ago when they finally called their relationship quits, having showered social media with their photos, proving to be more than in love.

It had earlier on been reported that the two reunited during the fiesta tour in Tanzania. They were signed for the shows where they were to perform on the same stage for over 10 shows each weekend.

vanessa and jux


Well Vanessa and Jux have finally made it clear that they indeed are together during a concert held in Tanzania over the weekend.

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Jux and Vanessa took to the stage for a performance when Jux started singing the famous song by Bushoke ft K-Lynn, ‘Nalia Kwa Furaha’, “Mbona wanitazama kisha waanza kulia, kama nimekukosea naomba unisamehe,” Jux sang.


Vanessa replied by singing, “Hapana hujanikosea, ninalia kwa furaha, mapenzi unayonipa, sijawai kupata.”

Watch the video here courtesy of Ayo TV.

The two later embraced as the crowd went wild.


Speaking to Ayo TV, Vanessa revealed that the two are working on patching things up, considering Vanessa had stated before that she’ll be asking Jux to forgive her during the concert.

Watch the interview here

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