Gospel group Kelele Takatifu is no more. Fans were first shocked when Moji, one of the members released a single dubbed Kuzitoka.

Didi, the other half of the group says the two have taken what he terms as a ‘pause’.

Didi 1

But from his explanation, the two might have broken up for good. Talking to Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu, Didi who now released his single dubbed Puliza, it seems he was under a lot of depression before the break up.

‘Any Single Girl Has A Chance,’ Kelele Takatifu’s Moji Ready To Mingle

“Break up is a very big word. I think we just paused a bit. We have different interest at the end of the day and we think there’s no better time than to explore our different ideas and strengths.”

He stammered;

“When you are in a group meeen, it takes alot….”

He goes ahead to explain the depression he has been going through before the two finally called it quits.

“Over the past 3 or 4 months I’ve been going through a lot and troubles tu nyingi sana. At some point I was struggling with depression. Depression is real man. Its very easy, it can happen to you. During that moment I was like, will I ever come back.”

So, was this depression caused by the other half of Kelele Takatifu, Moji Short Baba?


“We’ve been having issues all through our lives. Its normal.If you are working with other people, you have to go through issues.Its just about other stuff. Chito tutaongea hizo staff baadae.”

It will be remembered that Didi was embarrassed on the infamous Facebook group Buyer’s Beware after he defaulted on a loan he was lent years ago.

Here is the audio courtesy of Kiss FM: