Sean Andrew Kibaki

Sean Andrew was eager for an interactive Q&A on his Insta stories recently, pretty much like other celebrities who want to respond to queries.

However he may not have anticipated an anonymous fan who asked a rather touchy question.

“Why don’t you like talking to black women & people who are not famous in the eyes of the media?”

Sean Andrew did not take kindly to this going by his response saying it will be his last time to respond to such issues;

 “What an ignorant question. I have friends and people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate them, I don’t have time for such ignorance. This is the last time I’ll respond to such things.”

On another series of questions, a fan asked a rather racist question;

“Honestly I’ve never seen you with any black friends are you specific?”

Ooh Boy! Sean responded with a simple;

 “Lol my friends are my friends.”

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew/ Instagram

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