Octopizzo and Khaligraph need to shake hands, hug and makeup – it’s 2019 mehn!

The two have been beefing ever since they came into the limelight maybe because they are in the same musical genre. I don’t know.

HipHop is really growing in Kenya but Octopizzo in almost all his interviews mentions that he does not recognize who Khaligraph is. He claims they are not on the same level. He (Octto) is an international artiste.

In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, he started off by saying he has nothing to say about Khaligraph.

I have nothing to say about Khaligraph let’s talk about kaka. I don’t talk about men.

Mzazi interjected, But isn’t Kaka a man?

YES but I can relate to kaka because he is real. I can relate TO Kaka AND Juliani they talk about things that affect me and things that affect those that are around me. I have never related to Khali

From the songs Khaligraph has done, he speaks about the struggles of being in the ghetto to the success of who he is now. Isn’t that relatable Mr. Octopizzo?

what does he sing that affects me? 

Octopizzo/ Instagram

Khaligraph won an AFRIMA a few days ago making Kenya proud, however Octopizzo says those are things he has already done.

it’s good he is doing it big and we applaud him but as for AFRIMA, we’ve been there done that. didn’t you see me returning an award?

With all the good music the two have, coming together in a collabo might just be what the Kenyan music industry needs.

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Octopizzo/ Photo By Simply Kech

Now Khaligraph is calling himself an international artiste with all the collabo’s he is set to do and all the tours he has been doing, manz international now.

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