Ed Sheeran has left his fans in tears after announcing he will be going on hibernation.

The last time he announced this we went away for more than three years but he came back with an amazing album, Divide.

With Ed, his songs are those you can easily resonate with because he talks about heartbreaks. When you’ve gone through a tough one, a song is what soothes your soul.

Together with Adelle, the two artistes have managed to capture the hearts of so many and made hit records that have worldwide fans.

After he announced the end of his album tour, he also shocked his leave from ‘work’ but did not specify how long.

 And thank you guys for streaming and buying it. Right, back to hibernation, see ya x

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An album he worked on for two years.

9 million people, 893 days, 46 countries, 175 cities, 260 shows, 268 touring crew, 193265 miles travelled, 2 broken arms, 3 marriages, 4 babies. What a wild ride this Divide tour has been. The whole process of writing the album starting in 2015, then recording it in 2016, promoting it, setting out on the road to play it for all of you guys. It’s so weird to put it to bed and move on. Thank you to everyone involved in this whole Divide process, all the people who helped make the album, all the people who helped promote the album, all the fans who listened and came to watch, this wouldn’t be possible without you. Most of all I want to thank my fantastic touring team, who have given up their lives for 2 and a half years to help me achieve my dreams. Thank you for all of your hard work and constant friendship. The Divide tour – 2017 -2019. Officially the biggest tour of all time, so weird to say that, and we survived it !Tom: Please don’t leave us for 2 years😭😜

This really upset his fans who took the comment section to grieve this loss.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran/ Instagram

John: “back to hibernation”, excuse me, I want daily cat videos! Also, congrats x

Liz: I can’t believe this might be the last post of Ed we’ll see and we might have to wait 18 months for a ‘new music on ….’ post

Miguel: Ed don’t go into hibernation

Wendy: The song definitely deserves to be number 1! 😍😍😍 ‘Hibernation’? Come on, you cannot sit still for longer than a few days anyway 😂🤗🐻❤️❤️❤️

Allison: “Back to hibernation” STOP I NEED YOU

Julia: Congrats! Don’t hibernate for too long. I need this content to survive until the next album!

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