Akothee is one of the most expensive artistes in Kenya and it is no lie. She is a lady full of demands.

In the event you have been planning to have her headline your show then best believe you need a lot of money and adequate planning.

As artiste are busy crying for money from MCSK, Akothee is looking to make money with her stage performances because that is where the money is.

Here are the top 5 must-do

  1. Budget for Akothee’s security. She is a heavy brand and has a lot of fans so security is a must. She walks around with a team of 5 women, 5 men who protect her.
  2. She does not go for events by road, she flies. Her makeup and clothes must be intact and so she does not want to stay in traffic where her nake up will sweat off. So budget for a flight. It does not matter her destination. For Jalango’s concert, she is flying from Wilson Airport to the Carnivore restaurant. Please note they share a fence.
  3. Akothee must have her own backstage changing room compete with 4 full length mirrors, 4 lounge seats , 5 cases of still water , 5 cases of sparkling water, 40 white towels, private bathroom and toilet, private live Kitchen and private chef, assorted juices of different flavours that must be Orchid Valley , 10 flower bouquets, a massage table and 4 private assistants.
  4. Since most events end late into the night, you must organize a limousine to take her to her hotel since when she is performing she doesn’t stay at home but prefers the privacy of presidential suite within the venue or a hotel close by.
  5. After all that, you have still not paid her for her performance. That is separate from all the demands she has mentioned above.

Kwani mimba ni ya Jalang’oo? Akothee confesses love for Jalas

My friend, Madam Boss is no joke. She believes in the value of her hard-earned work. That is how she has managed to build houses and drive expensive cars.

So if you have an event coming up and you want Akothee to perform, please plan accordingly.

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