njugush and Wife celestine

Award winning comedian, Njugush will be going home to a very unhappy spouse after revealing what he hates most about his dear wife Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye.

In a recent radio interview, Njugush revealed that most mornings are not sunny because Wakavinye sucks out all the joy.

He revealed that being a celebrity dad has seen him tag his wife and baby, Tugi, along to most of his  events.

“I have has to travel with the family even where i’m not supposed to because of my son. I’m always not settled when I am not spending time with him.”

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He revealed that the pressure to showcase his family on social media is too much.

“Fans kept asking to see my wife. I can now testify that as a public figure, you can’t entirely hide your family.”

Asked what annoys him the most about his wife, Njugush said,

“Mimi kitu huwa inaniudhi ni akiamka asubuhi. Mimi nikiamka huwa naamka niki tip toe. Yeye akiamka hawezi amka polepole na saa hizo hana kitu ya maana anaenda kufanya,” narrated Njugush.

He added, “She then turns on all the lights including those of the balcony, which she doesn’t even need.”

In a bid to appease the wife, Njugush also revealed that one thing that people do not know about him is the fact that he has managed to add some weight, owing to his wife’s great cooking skills.

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Listen to the rest of the interview below.

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