Comedian Njugush has taken over the comedy industry with a bang.

His small skits are hilarious and even as he is trying to earn a few coins from them, it is hard to realize it is an advertisement up until the very end and even so, we still laugh.


Njugush’s career started as an actor and he had great support from Phillip Karanja and Abel Mutua who came into the industry before him, but have taken up the role of mentoring and working with him and now he is a force to reckon with.

Well, in a video doing rounds, Njugush has been caught ‘roughing up’ one of his mentor’s wife, Catherine Kamau aka Kate The Actress.

Catherine Kamau, who is Phillip’s wife, is seen at the comfort of her home when Njugush walks up to her and holds her by her dira (traditional home dress).

Catherine gets mad and shouts back at him where we see him being held back by his friends to avoid doing the worst.

Kate helplessly says she is tired while on the seat looking helpless to a point she has to explain herself to him so that he can let her go.

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Watch the video below for a vivid view on exactly what happened between the two:

Njugush caught in public 'roughing up' Kate The Actress

Njugush caught in public 'roughing up' Kate The Actress

Posted by Kiss 100 Kenya on Sunday, January 6, 2019

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