Rue Baby is probably living the life Akothee wanted.

Akothee just confessed that she wished she tried modeling at least one day before she discovered the D.

So this thing , hii kitu hii 🙄🙄🍆 made me a mother before I even tried modeling even for 1 day wasted talent nkt rolling @wolperstylish 😂🤣😂🤣 mmmm nkt 🍆🍆 hi kitu ni mbaya mbaya, imebaki kuonea modeling yuyube 😭😭

With that said, Akothee’s daughter is a model and has already scooped awards such as being the face of Nivea and DEAR awards.

Rue baby has posted pictures on her social media in a bikini making men thirst over her because just like her mother, she has taken after her body goals.

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Rue who? Sean Andrew says he doesn’t know Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby!

You do remember there was a time Rue baby said she has a major crush on Sean Andrew? Well, it got to him and he responded later after seeing her s**y pictures on her social media and said:

Sean Andrew


i haven’t met her but i’m open to being a friend of hers ,she seems like cool peeps

Well, Rue you better look for him because meeting your crush is one GREAT achievement in life.